It’s My Personal Choice To Eat Animals

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Article By Kali Nelson “It’s my personal choice to eat animals.”  Sometimes this thought pops up during a discussion around the ethics of eating animals. The key idea behind it is that we should respect each other’s choices instead of being critical of what one person does, whether or not that’s different from what we […]

Aren’t Humans At The Top Of The Food Chain?

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Article By Kali Nelson What does it mean to be at the “top of the food chain”? We’ve thrown this term around so often, especially when examining dietary ethics, that it almost seems self-explanatory. Some consider it a reason to eat animals. It’s often paired with the idea of the “circle of life.” But how […]

I Could Never Go Vegan – I’d Miss The Taste

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Article By Kali Nelson When you’ve spent your entire life eating a certain way, the thought of giving up your favourite foods is not super appealing. Even if veganism interests you, it’s sometimes tough to get over that initial roadblock.  You might consider trying it, but then remember your favourite cheesecake and quickly dismiss the […]