Their interactive models let you explore details of human and animal anatomy through fully virtual dissections. Designed especially for students, teachers and professionals in life sciences and veterinary medicine.

The models are available in three versions (sold separately): desktop software (Windows or macOS), android apps, and iOS apps.


Remember when you dissected a frog in science class? Froggipedia is kind of like that—except without the overwhelming smell of formaldehyde. This immersive biology lesson walks you through the 17-week transformation of a frog from single-celled egg to wriggling tadpole to fully formed amphibian.

Available on iOS only.

Google 3D Animals

With technology always evolving, the way we learn is changing too – like using augmented reality to learn about animals. This provides a fun new way to see your favourite animals.

FARM ANIMALS: Duck, Goat, Horse and Shetland Pony

OTHER ANIMALS: Dog, Cat, Hedgehog, Emperor Penguin, Rottweiler, Macaw, Pug, Turtle, Octopus, Brown Bear, Snakes, Wolf, Alligator, Eagle, Shark, Cheetah, Tiger, Angler Fish and Lion.

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Here are groups who’s mission is to find and promote alternatives for dissection and/or vivisection in Canada.