Resources For Teenagers

Aiming for Action

Aiming for Action logo
Source: Earth Day Canada

‘Young Canadians will be given a voice to bring their green initiatives to the forefront for the benefit of their communities and all Canadians.  Aiming for Action recognizes an individual between the ages of 14 and 30 for their valuable environmental efforts and achievements with a $2,000 grant.’


FFAC National College Internship Program

Factory Farming Awareness Coalition logo
Source: FFAC

‘The program engages college students around the U.S. and Canada that are passionate about educating the public about the impacts of our food choices and creating change around food systems. Students will join a community of compassionate and thoughtful advocates who support each other in our growth and work.’


FFAC National High School Mentorship Program

Factory Farming Awareness Coalition logo
Source: FFAC

‘Motivated high school students around the U.S. and Canada are invited to participate in the program. This is a competitive program, comparable to an internship, but specifically designed around creating community at the high school level. High school mentees pair with college-level mentors to work through trainings.’


Veg Student Alliance

Veg Student Alliance logo
Source: VSA

‘A FREE, online (for now!) club for veg and plant-forward teens between the ages of 13 and 18. The club is open to teenagers in the United States and Canada.’

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Vegan Teen

Vegan Teen logo
Source: Vegan Teen

‘Committed to vegan and vegan-interested teens.’ Blog, stories, Q&A advice and support, mentor match, and more!

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Youth Climate Save

Youth Climate Save logo
Source: Facebook

‘‘The first youth climate organization to focus on the link between climate change and animal agriculture. There are currently 73 Youth Climate Save chapters in 22 countries and they continue to grow.’

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Bear Boy
Amanda The Teen Activist
Saving animals
This Book Is Cruelty Free - Animals And Us

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